Travis Laurence  Naught

Cheney, Washington

Travis Laurence Naught is an author who happens to be a quadriplegic wheelchair user. He has lived in Washington State for the entirety of his 36 years; born and raised in Goldendale, he moved to Cheney to attend Eastern Washington University, where he has continued to reside since completing graduate-level coursework in sports psychology. The Virgin Journals (ASD Publishing, 2012) and Still Journaling (e-book, 2013) are full-length volumes of his poetry. Joyride (Black Rose Writing, 2015) is his fiction novel, set primarily in the New Mexico desert and California wine country. Drinking coffee, taking road trips, watching sports, and hanging out with good friends help fuel Travis's zest for life!


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A Little Slice of Heaven
Travis Laurence Naught

Life has gone on long enough
to taste the last of grandma
Dorothy’s home canned pie cherries.
She would have turned 91
this year. They sat unopened
while her other fruits turned
into Christmas and birthday gifts.
Family members digested each bite
as emotional orchestras played

on their tongues. Sweet and tart
combined with a familiar saltiness.
Even the best memories cry
for remorse. A well tilled bed of soil
was planted with caring fertilizer.
Today, grass grows there.
Somewhere, a tree blossoms.
Someone else is destined to weep
over the memories its harvest yields.

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