Cascadia Rising was the name given to a regional emergency preparedness exercise in the Pacific Northwest that was utilized to coordinate and plan agency response to a major earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone (“The big one,” as it’s called).

It’s also the name given to this literary journal.

The Pacific Northwest lives in the wake of earthquakes that destroyed whole civilizations, gargantuan floods and volcanic eruptions that irrevocably changed the geography of the west. We exist on the precipice of new catastrophes, knowing that it’s coming but barreling stubbornly into the future anyway. The Pacific Northwest is a land of pioneers, whether we crossed a nation, ocean or land bridge. We've built our homes and communities from a special kind of wildness, deliberation and beauty.


That's the kind of writing we're looking for here at Cascadia Rising Review.

We want writing that pioneers. We want writing about chasing horizons and looking into the precipice of disaster with a sneer. We want writing that captures the truth of the Pacific Northwest.

L to R Featuring: Trinity Herr, Sydney Fort, Lindsay Partain, and Mariah Shipley

Trinity Herr

Trinity dropped out of college before she could learn how to spell MFA. The only useful thing she retained during that time was that you allegedly shouldn't center your poems, though she's not entirely convinced. Her writing has appeared in Juxtaprose Magazine, Barren Magazine, High Desert Journal and Hobart, among others. Her work was featured in Wigleaf’s Top 50 Short Fictions of 2018. She is still communing with elk and ghosts in Oregon.

www. trinityherr.com

Twitter: @wholly__trinity

Lindsay Partain

Voted "The Next J.K. Rowling" in high school, Lindsay Partain is an Oregon playwright, graduate of Pacific University, and a member of the Dramatists Guild. Recently her work has been produced by the John DeSotelle Studio  in New York, Five & Dime Drama Collective in Arkansas, DarkFEST in New York, and at INKfest in California. Her play "Shimmers" was recently chosen for Smith&Krauss' Best 10-Minute Plays of 2019, and her monologues "Curves" and "Backfired" are included in their Best Female Monologues of 2019. You can find her collection of work on New Play Exchange.


Twitter: @iLtrain

meet the team!

Sydney Fort


Sydney is an artist and Portland native. She graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA in Communication Design focusing on graphic design and printmaking. A lifelong vegetarian and a garage sale locket collector, Sydney hopes to retire one day with a family comprised of wiener dogs who gaze upon her while she creates beautiful things and fixes typewriters. She is an avid fan of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, occasionally identifying herself as their lovechild at parties.

Instagram: @sydneysixfort

Mariah Shipley


Mariah Shipley was born a snob, and so far no amount of therapy has helped. Despite that, she is a passably nice person who lives with her (total dreamboat) husband and their dog. She loves 90’s music and wanted to be professional wrestler as a child, but has since settled for working at a software company. She subsists off liquor and coffee, with the occasional vegetable thrown in to comfort her family. She has also written a novel and had a short story and essay published. Her favorite writers are Toni Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut. She doesn’t know how to properly love anyone, but she has gently harassed her way into being several people’s emergency contact.

Haley McKinnon


Haley Morgan McKinnon is a poet, playwright, and pasta enthusiast born and raised in Portland, OR. She received her BA in Creative Writing from Pacific University and so far has done nothing useful with it except sit in coffeeshops and write poetry, which she already did anyway. Her ultimate goal as a writer is to be best friends with Lidia Yuknavitch. Haley's work has been previously published in The Almagre Review and is forthcoming in T.R.O.U Magazine and the poetry anthology Seaglass Hearts from Stormy Island Publishing. 

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