Andrew Shattuck McBride
Bellingham, WA

Andrew Shattuck McBride is an editor and writer based in Bellingham, Washington. Andrew moved to Washington State in 2000, and to Bellingham in 2001, and is grateful to be living on ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples. Andrew is co-editor (with Jill McCabe Johnson) of For Love of Orcas, an anthology of poetry and prose concerning the Southern Resident orcas, Chinook salmon, and their ecosystem. For Love of Orcas was published by Wandering Aengus Press in early 2019. Andrew's poem “I Was Happy as an Ant” was a semi-finalist for the 2017 Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize. His work appears in Crab Creek Review, Pontoon Poetry, Eclectica Magazine, So It Goes, Rise Up Review, and in Clover, A Literary Rag. He edits novels, memoirs, and poetry collections.

Photo by Sydney Fort

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Anything can be fashioned
Andrew Shattuck McBride

Anything can be fashioned
into a weapon tool: an image,
a stag’s weathered skull and antlers, the woodsman’s long-handled, well-honed axe.
Things as they are seem like a boulder—
heavy, implacable—yet can be moved
or changed. See its face, a canvas of moss?
Remember, progress is not automatic.
Advances can be overturned, undone.
Know this: our work can never be complete.
Rest now, for tomorrow’s work beckons.
When you wake, sharpen the blade
of your life. Our paths, erratic as they may be,
have brought us to this point.


After a photograph by Joanna C. Valente

© 2019 by Cascadia Rising Review

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