Juliana Rupchan

Victoria, British Columbia

Juliana Rupchan left Saskatchewan to study at the University of Victoria five years ago, and has since fallen hopelessly in love with Vancouver Island. Her poetry has been published by talking about strawberries all of the time, post ghost press, Island Writer, This Side of West and The Claremont Review, and is forthcoming in EVENT magazine.

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On her website julianarupchan.com

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Juliana Rupchan

a week ago there was snow and now
in the sun flowers open again,
crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinth, step
        careful all these open
mouths sun pouring in hot
through windows across floors crowded buses

on the ferry we drink
champagne from a coffee mug
watch the city shrink

sunset glow spilled all across the white deck
and the fridge overheats; and the neighbours move out;
and in the city nobody
        looks at us, invisible
neon, systems let go, and we fall

into presentness. stop planning,
draw over the maps, watch
mountains from rooftop gardens,
sleep on the seventh floor, let
        bright water blind us —

basking low and
        underfoot as the flowers wide
open, as the stretched
fleshy necks
of baby birds

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