A.M. Kozak
Ottawa, Canada

a.m. kozak moved from Victoria, BC to Ottawa to pursue a Master’s of Social Work and plans to return to the Pacific Northwest within the next several years to live permanently.

Circle of Life with Guns
A.M. Kozak

solitary canoe paddles geriatric 3 km to nearest dirt path. self-contained lake drips waterfall crevice down nearby mountain. (a seal blows its nose & ripples pre-wave splashes). so archetype, quiet not to disturb fish he tries to kill: it's a game to him, murderer: it's a common passtime: scoop out a swimming species, bash its head to stop the squirming: gut it with a knife: throw entrails to mammals for dessert after pre-dawn baby geese slaughter (mothers always abandon eventually).

unique to that which precedes, slightest wind ruptures oblong pass. a thousand tiny crabs scale barnacle-mountains, sideways flee mini-tsunami. ignorant intruder, perhaps a shoe-soles murderer. learn a lesson: hide. if not me, serendipitous bird party sends dinner invitations to any friend in earshot.

morning implicitly chooses to survive so others die. no sense rooting—fog makes it tough to see but truth lies limp for voyeurs to peek. it's nobody's fault, to evade blame: multiply decisions & a million impossible to mention. wade in reactionary fluid. (a sneeze echoes over a large pool of water.) it doesn't illuminate or satisfy: answers never. it's an image to intake: react according.

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