Andrew French
Vancouver, BC

Andrew French grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and was raised on Northwest outdoor culture.

Desert Lightshow
Andrew French

Distant burning forests
exhale puffs of smoke
as the northern lights
devour the sky with a mouthful
of green teal orange
that looks like God
knocked over a lava lamp,
spilling its contents on the clouds.

Moths are self-inflicting concussions
in numbers as they flock
in flying pilgrimage to flashlight Mecca,
ramming their brains
into our makeshift lantern,
producing flickering shadows,
and a sound like rain
with a lower IQ.

The desert night cradles me,
cold hands on burnt skin,
and the moths are watching
their holy lamp
and I am watching
my northern lights
so perhaps we share
a similarity or two.

© 2019 by Cascadia Rising Review

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