Kai Hinnant

Seattle, Washington

Kai is a Seattle native, and has only lived in places that are Seattle or Seattle-ish but larger or smaller: Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA. With a Bachelor’s from Western Washington University, he is slowly and steadily producing written art. His work appears in Nurse Log and elsewhere. When he’s not writing, he enjoys walking around several thousand feet above sea level or swimming about 50 feet below it.

Do You Think About Me as Much as I Think About You?
Kai Hinnant

We cuddled up one afternoon and watched this documentary about a man with Asperger's

His girlfriend, too

A couple living together

The TV washed out their faces to hard angles

They looked so similar, like twins

And spoke simply, no wasted words
She said, hey
He said, hey
I love you
I love you, too
He walked away
She said, hey I love you
No commas
He came back and said, I love you too
Like children, they went back and forth:
Hey I love you
Hey I love you
Hey I love you

We went out that night
You wore a black skirt, a leather jacket, and you did up your eyes with charcoal eyeliner wings
You were all curves
We rode in a Mercedes taxi and the hot air and noise of the city rolled over the hood and
The summer sunset lasted an hour, at least
We drank sweet cocktails and sometimes I knew what you were saying to me
We stayed out going back and forth until we couldn't stand except by clinging onto each other,
stumbling, giggling like children

I didn't say it, but I was thinking,
Hey I love you
Hey I love you

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