Colette Cosner

Seattle, Washington

Colette Cosner is a poet originally from the east coast currently living in Seattle, WA. Her work can be found in Cathexis Northwest Press and forthcoming in an anthology from Allegory Ridge.

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Colette Cosner

You know how when you’re at the Fuzzy Naval

And Big Al, short for Alfonso, saddles up

Announcing “Well you’ve found it, the local color,”

Before going in for a hand-kiss and missing


So then you’re are back on your old shit

Writing a poem about why the wind demands

Exactly three sheets from us after a long day

When all we wanted to do was listen


To Big Al. His Ballerina daughters, and don’t I kinda

look like Carina, his youngest and most estranged.


As in: “Here is a photo I took of someone else’s photo of her recital”


As in: “See all them roses? I would have brought a lily.”

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