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Christine Jupp
Portland, OR

Christine Jupp is a PNW-born writer living in Portland, OR. She studied English at PSU and works as a copywriter for a local digital marketing agency. Her favorite places to write are small cafés in foreign countries where nobody knows her name. You can reach her at cjupp122@gmail.com or find her on Instagram.

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Christine Jupp

A pigeon hit my hand.
As he flew up I could feel
a small soft head,
bump and brush my knuckles.
Quick wings took him
above the walls
the people.
I could feel you in my mouth
two days ago
brushing my face

Fast breaths
blue hair
blonde eyes
and the old woman
hangs our laundry
I can still feel him grab my
last week.
Rough hands
that hate me now
liquor eyes
sad breath
and a thumb digs
desperation into my cheek.
And I fly,
above him
the people
and me.