Aaron Ruth
Portand, OR

Aaron recently moved to Portland from Southern California where he graduated with a degree in English. He has been writing for as long as he can remember and looks forward to pushing the limits on his creative ability by mixing words, music, dance, art, and anything else he can think of. He is fascinated with the human condition and loves to connect to people through his work. Aaron is always looking for new ideas, so reach out!

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Lonely Stars
Aaron Ruth

What if the stars
are only remaining flames
of promises ended too soon

An “I love you forever”
still burning bright
up beside the moon

A hand held
perhaps too tightly
then never held again

Just because
you broke my heart
does not mean our flame has dimmed

Promises are not like hearts
unable to crack
always true

The lonely stars
the empty nothings
the abandoned “I love you’s”

Cover photo by Stanislav Kondratiev

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