Mark Thalman

Forest Grove, Oregon

Mark Thalman is the author of Catching the Limit and The Peasant Dance which will be published in June of 2020 by Cherry Grove Editions.  Thalman retired after 35 years from being an  English and Creative Writing teacher in the public schools.  His work has been widely published for the last four decades. He is the Editor of and lives in Forest Grove, Oregon, with his

wife and their Shetland sheep dog, Annie.

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March Weather
Mark Thalman

Rapidly approaching
across forested hills
comes a crashing roar
I have never heard before.

I call my golden retriever and we run
trying to make it home
before the blast.

Reaching the front porch, hail—
twelve gauge shot
pelts the ground, ricochets off,
while the roof thunders
thousands of hammers.

I fix a cup of tea.
Sherlock laps his water urgently.
We listen to the storm begin to slacken—
the ticking of ice
like someone throwing rice,
a wedding of winter and spring.

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