Christina Brister Smith
Portland, OR

Christina Brister-Smith was born in Montana and spent time in Colorado before moving to Portland to attend art school. It was during her time in school that she fell in love with the Willamette Valley and now considers it home.

ocean lonely
Christina Brister Smith

i think i need another dose of ocean lonely
staring out at the chaotic edge of tossed pacific gray


the wave engine roaring constantly
can give voice to the storms i hold inside my skin

if you join me we can let our crybaby tears blend
into the salt spray up and the pellet rain down

we can jump into that cold cold water eating sunset
and dance defiant in our soaked ripped jeans

afterwards we can shiver around a fire kindled
from abandoned charcoal
and chuckle bitter
because we forgot to bring towels.

© 2019 by Cascadia Rising Review

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