Juliana Rupchan

Victoria, British Columbia

Juliana Rupchan left Saskatchewan to study at the University of Victoria five years ago, and has since fallen hopelessly in love with Vancouver Island. Her poetry has been published by talking about strawberries all of the time, post ghost press, Island Writer, This Side of West and The Claremont Review, and is forthcoming in EVENT magazine.

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Juliana Rupchan

this fog settled
         low over the city mist
rising from asphalt and
         sand, these places
that hold heat, warm as bodies —

white morning glories all wide open


and the geese all lined up in a row drinking
grace, from the outflow.

all these ghosts rising, all these visions
we can’t touch — distant
earthquakes, all these ways
of ending —


and my head has been absent all month,
my feet never touching the ground in my heart
I am long gone already

(in the grey water, a seal circles
low, only visible in its gentle
wake that faint v
imprinted in smooth silver.
he circles back, he dives,

© 2019 by Cascadia Rising Review

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